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About Course

The Forestry Optional is an excellent choice for candidates aspiring to crack the UPSC IFoS exam, especially those with a background or strong interest in forestry and related fields. This subject allows you to delve deep into various aspects of forest management, ecology, and utilization, giving you an edge in the competitive exam.

Key Benefits of Our Course:

  • In-depth coverage of the entire Forestry Optional syllabus
  • Expert faculty with vast experience in IFoS preparation
  • Comprehensive study materials and practice questions
  • Strategies and techniques to answer UPSC-style questions effectively

What Will You Learn?

  • Our comprehensive course will equip you with a thorough understanding of the entire UPSC IFoS Forestry Optional syllabus, which is divided into two papers:
  • Paper I:
  • Silviculture: This section covers the principles and practices of establishing, tending, and harvesting forests. You'll learn about various silvicultural systems, tree improvement techniques, and the management of specific ecosystems like mangroves and cold deserts.
  • Forestry for Society: This section explores the role of forests in social development, including agroforestry, social forestry, joint forest management (JFM), and even the study of tribology (friction, wear, and lubrication) as it relates to forest operations.
  • Forest Ecology and Environment: Gain a strong foundation in forest ecology and its importance in environmental conservation. This includes studying biodiversity, soil science, soil conservation, and watershed management.
  • Paper II:
  • Forest Management: This section dives into the principles and systems of forest management, including working plan preparation, forest mensuration (forest measurement), and the use of remote sensing technologies.
  • Forest Engineering and Surveying: Learn about forest engineering principles used in infrastructure development within forests, along with surveying techniques crucial for forest management.
  • Forest Economics and Utilization: Understand the economic aspects of forestry, including forest resource utilization and forest product marketing. Gain insights into relevant forest legislation.
  • Wildlife Biology and Forest Protection: This section covers the study of wildlife in forest ecosystems and the various methods employed for forest protection against fire, pests, and diseases.

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